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We Need Revival

Psalm 85:6 Will thou not revive us again, that thy people may rejoice in thee?

At A Time When The Church Has Become A Ground For Entertainment...
We Need Revival.

At A time When A Music Minister Competes And Compares Himself With Secular Musician,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When The Altar Of God Is Used For Comedy,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When A Successful Minister Of The Gospel Is Measured By How Rich He Is And Not How Much Impact He Is Making,
We Need Revival.

At A Time, When Passion For Souls Have Been Replaced With Fashion Parade In The Church,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When Motivational Speaking Has Replaced Biblical Preaching,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When You Really Cannot Differentiate Between A Daughter Of Zion And An Harlot,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When Modern Preachers Now Tell Us That JESUS Is Not Coming Soon,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When Packaging And Special Effect Has Replaced The Beauty Of God's Glory,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When Sexual Sin Is Referred To As Weakness And The Grace Of God Is Taken For Granted,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When Prophets Prophesy; Using Demonic Powers As Livelihood,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When The Church Does Not Know The Difference Between Witchcraft Spirit And The Holy Spirit,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When Filling The Seats In Our Place Of Worship Has Become A Priority Than Raising Disciples Of Jesus,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When Sinners Feel Comfortable In Our Churches And Saints Feel No Sense Of Urgency To Preach The Good News To The Lost,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When Pastors Are More Concerned About How Much Money Members Give Than How Much The Members Truly Love The LORD,
We Need Revival.

At A Time When The Word Of God Is Scarce And The Fire On The Altar Is Going Out, And The Priests Have Become Blind, The Watchmen Sleeping, And Holiness Is No Longer Our Standard,
We Need Revival.

We Need Revival Not A Programme. We Need Reawakening Of Our Souls And A New Awareness Of The Power Of God. We Do Not Need Another Jamboree But True Repentance Coupled With A Changed Life.
We Do Not Need Another Noise, We Need A Shaking And A Mighty Rushing Wind.

We Do Not Need Another Movement, We Need A Reformation.
We Need The Lord To Come Again And Restore Us Unto Himself.
We Need The Lord To Open Our Eyes Again That We May See Him.
We Want To See His Holiness Again That We May See Our Depravity.

We Need A Genuine Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit, We Are Tired Of Speaking In Tongues And Not Living Christ-Like.

There Is No Other Desire That We Have Than To Hear Again The Same Voice That Spoke In The Valley Of Dry Bones To Bring Us Back To life. Our Nations Are In Darkness, Yet We Are The Light.

We Cannot Pretend Anymore, We Need To Activate The Power Of Holy Ghost And He Will Reawaken Us.

He Will Revive Us Again Because We Do Not See Our Signs And Wonders As Done By The Apostles Of JESUS,
There Are Only Few JESUS Prophets In Churches, Some Are Not Even Recognized.

Let Us Pray That God Should Have Mercy Upon Us! And Revive Us Again in Jesus mighty name.

Revival Must Hit The Earth In This Last Day Please Be Prepared

3 thoughts on “We Need Revival

  1. Sister Chuck says:

    Thank God for his grace & mercy ! We pray for revival in the nation,the world,our homes,our family,our body,our soul,our spirit & every aspect of our lives in Jesus Christ Mighty Name ! Revive,renew and refresh us o Lord in Jesus’s Name! Amen!

  2. Terrick says:

    All that is written is true and must be deeply considered and adhered to. What we are seeing in churches around the world is today is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ but the Opposite. I need to repent we all need to repent. We need revival.

  3. Shakera spence says:

    yes yes yes we diffinetly need revival. one song writer song ‘ Jesus on the telephone tell Him what you need, some want silver, some want gold’. our answer should be we want a revival in our soul. praise the Lord. Amen. Revive me o Lord

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